I got feedback/critique from my one to one session and from that feedback I can say that I still have to lot to learn.

The first critique was that the narrative wasn't really clear; the person who is working would probably have 1 bottle for their journey and they don't tend to last that long. The other main one was the lighting is a bit too dark and doesn't feel realistic; the lighting would be much stronger and interior of the carriage would well lit. There a few other critiques and feedback that I received and I definitely want to reflect that.

My aim now is to reduce the scratching on the table, adjust the notepad colour, spread out the cans to other tables; I want to further model the interior of a carriage and also adjust the lighting, bounce on the model, colour scheme change etc..


- Throughout my research stage I have been looking around for an environment to model which focuses of the detail and quality like the examples above.

1- Based in a room which focuses on a table that has various work equipment of a student; Laptop, books, snacks etc. but looks like its been used everyday and rarely cleaned.

This will benefit me by learning lighting and even improve my topology optimisation.

2- I haven't travelled on the national train for a really long time but throughout my journey I thought, why not have a scene set in one of carriages? The scene would focus on a table with 2 seats on each side facing each other, where you items/equipment of a person (student? businessman? etc) there could be a bottle half empty and possible snacks. It would be similar to the examples above as it faces towards the window.

In addition this scene could possibly be moving; as if the train is on a journey to x destination. The background would be a loop of either a day or a night scene. There could be possible liquid simulation within the half empty bottle?

This will improve my lighting, compositing and I could possibly learn some ncloth and liquid simulation (Bifrost?) for this project.



A First Person Perspective of a person in a Space Suit floating upwards towards the Main H.U.B. entrance where she passes by floating objects and sees a Ship fly by as she nears the entrance.

So I decided to use the Space Station model from last Project and also added in some newer ones including the Star Fighter and combined them all together into an animated sequence where the scene was render using VRAY which took up to a week to render :o
I think there is still room for improvement such as the Camera panning down at the beginning can be smoother rather than so sudden, and also more screen time of the ship flying by as it took a while to model and this video doesn't show the full 3D Model and textures.